Superclean A-PET

With our brandnew development of a certified sheet-extrusion line for recycled A-PET material, diamat Maschinenbau sets a new milestone in flat-film-extrusion technology. This plant offers essential benefits in technique, profitability, abrasive wear, flexibility, acquisition costs, spare part expenses and user friendliness. In any case, with this line you crest THE advantage in producing film and sheet for the food packaging applications.


Vacuum Extruder

A system of different vacuum degassing sections ensures the required cleaning effect which is needed to achieve the food-contact approval. The cascade buildup ascertains a huge swallow surface to enable the dissolution and diffusion of volatiles and nonetheless to guarantee a sufficient residence time for the plastics inside the extruder. At the same time, the space requirements of the plant are being reduced to a minimum. An unbeatable advantage.

This system is principally retrofit-able to all diamat extrusion lines.