Smoothing and Polishing

The finish of the films and sheets is being done with a 3-roller-polishing unit. This unit has got individual drives for all the rollers and individual temperatures control. With line speed up to 90 m/min, even very thin gauges on narrow widths may be realized. The polishing rollers have got mirror-finished chrome-surface and high-power cooling systems to give the sheet that ultimate clearness, quality, gloss and finish


An inclination of the die of 45° warrants that die-drops or strands do not fall into the smoothing slot as they like doing on full vertical dies, but still giving good gravity support to the very viscous outcoming melt-curtain.


The pneumatic driver roller gab can be set very precisely to control thickness and surface quality of the sheet. A digital display indicates the actual gap and gives the operator always the information to set-up a perfect quality.