Sheet Die

The diamat Sheet Die consists of a high-alloy, quenched and subsequently drawn tool steel. Th 2 halves which seal each other are centred with pins. The running surfaces are mirror finished.

The die can, with an appropriate adapter, be mounted on any extruder and is suitable for all thermoplastics currently in use.

The material entering through the adapter is spread along its entire width at an even pressure ratio. This hanger-shaped distribution system is determined and calculated based on our many years of experience.



  • Cloth hanger design
  • Restriction bar to provide coarse compensation of flow differences of the polymers
  • Flex-lip design, easy to adjust
  • Outside deckling system
  • Internal deckling system
  • Full auto-gauging possibility, retrofit able
  • Adjustable lower lip for thick-sheet applications
  • Refurbishing works of used dies