Calander and Polishing Unit

Calander for flat foil

For the production of flat-foil we offer a calander and polishing unit with following 

standard features:

standard features:

  • Vertical and inclined 3-roller-polishing system
  • Single drive for each roller
  • “swimming smoothing” for reduction of internal stress
  • Tempering for each roller
  • Temperature additive conveying on one side
  • Digital roller gap control
  • Upper and lower roller pneumatic swiveling
  • After-cooling roller
  • Motorized adjusting of height
  • Motorized proceeding on rails
  • Reinforced frames and bearings
  • Swiveling of the upper roller is possible up to 45° für lower viscous material
Additional components can be included:

Additional components can be included:

  • Horizontal 3-roller-polishing system
  • Air knife for manufacturing of thin deep drawing film of PP
  • Motorized roller gap by multiphase motor
  • Film measurement device
  • Structure roller to achieve surface effect

Calander for plates

Above the advantages of the standard calander and polishing unit we can also offer:

  • Fast changeable calander roller i.e. for embossing
  • Lamination possibility
  • Fix gap setting by shaft