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For more than 40 years now diamat Maschinenbau GmbH is now building machines, equipment and tolls for the manufacturing of foil sheet, and recycling.
Our main division lies in flat foil extrusion where diamat has achieved a long term of experience. 
Therefore we can look back on various references all over the world.
Main focus is to be found in the production of foil and sheet extrusion lines. Diamat also produces lines for the paper as well as in the field of solar engineering.


Therefore we have gained broad and profound knowledge and know-how in the area of Extrusion, Thermoforming and Production of flat film/sheet as well as all the requirements and condition that come along.

All units are always conceived, designed and accomplished to the latest state of art. In this process the lines are being assembled exclusively at our site and only assorted and named German subcontractors will be used which have to comply highest quality requirements. 


With its young and dedicated team and also most up to date equipment diamat Maschinenbau is also well prepared for the challenges of the future.